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Download Textcast 1.1
Requires Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
(2.7 MB Zip file)
Release Notes

Textcast is now free!

Textcast IconTextcast turns any text — documents, web pages and entire blog feeds — into personal podcasts you can listen to right on your iPod and iPhone.

Catch the bus, forget the paper. Bike, bus, foot and rail: Textcast is ideal for commuters. Just sync Textcast and then your iPod or iPhone, and you can listen to your favorite news, articles and blogs on your way to work.

iPod on board. Because Textcast works with iPods and iPhones, it seamlessly plugs into iPod-auto integration systems offered by most manufacturers (and third-party solutions). Stay safe by listening over your car’s speakers.

A voice for radio. Textcast features Alex — Mac OS X’s ultra-high quality voice — to clearly speak any text you wish to listen to. Alex is also optimized for fast rates, allowing you quickly plow through even lengthy texts. Listen for yourself!

Easy importing and scriptability. We make it easy to get text into Textcast by subscribing to news feeds, drag-and-drop, and importing via the toolbar. If you're up to it, you can even use AppleScript.

Faster than real-time. All Macs ship with at least two processor cores. Whether you have a dual-core iMac or a monster eight-way Mac Pro, Textcast can use them all to quickly convert text into into speech — much faster than real-time.